Meet The Creatives: Stephanie and Maribeth




Stephanie Lipnick has since childhood known fragrances can alter your mood, your environment and your experiences. With thirty plus years of expertise as an interior designer and lifestyle event planner her passion for creativity continues endless. 

Stephanie was conscious all through her career that the final distinction of essential design elements whether a grandiose party, a wedding or intimate dinner event, fragrance was the key 'note'.

With the help of raving friends, family, our local pizza boys and handymen, she realized that whenever visitors would come into her home they would comment on how wonderful and inviting the aroma was. So, I decided it was time to create a lasting impression and “signature first” fragrance of “Welcome”. It is appropriately named since all those who enter her home say, “Wow Steph! Your house smells welcoming, like it’s the holiday season”! She wanted those who enter her home to know, by the scent, that they are in a home that is comfy and cozy, with a touch of holiday cheer. I want them to feel “Welcome”.

After much thought, research and planning, and because this was all new to her, she decided to produce custom fragrance so others can enjoy the wonderful scent in their home as well. It is her hope that your home, also, will become a welcoming atmosphere that will create impressions and memories. “Welcome” has spice, pine, currant and a couple of other happy aromas that I hand blend- bottle by bottle. The spray is concentrated so not much is needed at all. Due to the fact that each bottle is produced individually by hand, she is assured you will receive the exact fragrance of her home. 

Soon after launching her first fragrance, Maribeth approached Stephanie to create a custom scent for her wedding. After loving 'Welcome' and enjoying a friendship with Stephanie, Maribeth was presented with many samples, highlighting different scents in the high, low and mid range. Unable to decide between the amazing options Stephanie presented her they began to talk about launching a collection. The timing was perfect and the two began collaborating on how to bring these now multiple scents to market. With a background in finance but a mutual love of arts, fashion and cuisine, Stephanie and Maribeth soon found themselves with multiple products, and fragrances and Divine Home Fragrances was a full line luxury home fragrance brand curated in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The exceptional bottling, packaging and presentation is a key distinction to the Divine Home Fragrances brand.  


adjective: gladly received